Walsh et al A New Model for Student Support in High Poverty Urban Elementary Schools

Walsh, M. E., Madaus, G. F., Raczek, A. E., Dearing, E., Foley, C., An, C., Lee-St. John, T. J., & Beaton, A. (2014). A new model for student support in high-poverty urban elementary schools: Effects on elementary and middle school academic outcomes. American Educational Research Journal, 51(4), 704-737.

Summary: This quantiative study showed positive results for student achievement for students who participated in the City Connects program as compared to students who did not participate. City Connects is a unqiue program designed to help meet students' nonacademic needs that exist as barriers to their learning. Students receive a tailored support plan that supports the child and family in preventions and interventions provided by community agencies. The program showed that participants in City Connects had higher report card scores and estimated higher scores on standardized tests.