Wenger's Five Trajectories

These were notes shared with me by a colleague. I wanted to file them for future use. I still need to retrieve the citation.


From Wenger (1998) Communities of Practice

Peripheral trajectories are those that never lead to full participation even though significant access to the practices of the community may be available.
Inbound trajectories occur as newcomers enter a com- munity’s practices and become invested in them. Members participate in the practices in ways that look toward their future participation and anticipate full membership in the community.
Insider trajectories are held by those members that have reached full participation. The trajectory of their participation is focused on the evolution of practice and the renegotiation of their place within it.
Boundary trajectories are held by those whose partici- pation entails brokering between two or more com- munities of practice.
Outbound trajectories entail movement out of the community toward another community of practice. This movement is enabled by the forms of partici- pation members take in the practices of the com- munity and involves developing new relationships, anticipating future positions, and seeing the world and oneself in new ways.