A Tool for Teachers, Teacher Leaders, School Leaders, and Just Leaders in General

This blog post is just another testament to the importance of feeling connected, a critical component in a community. I could use this resource for the classroom management course. I also think it's a great activity for teachers to do to understand school culture and possibly even faculty to do to understand faculty culture - who is feeling connected or disconnected among the group. It's a great tool for a leader.

In essence it's a sociogram where the teacher ask the students four students with whom they would like to sit with next week. After reviewing the answers, she asks herself - Who si not getting requested by anyone else? Who doesn't even know who to request? Who never gets noticied enough to be nominated? Who had a million friends last week and none this week?

These questions could be modified for teachers, but the idea is the same. We need to remember that feeling connected is critcal in the community. What questions would we need to ask to determine teachers' connections in a school community or faculty connections in a department?