Rimm-Kaufman et al Study on Efficacy of Response Classroom

Rimm-Kaufman, S. E., Lasen, R. A. A., Baroody, A. E., Curby, T. W., Ko, M., Thomas, J. B., Merritt, E. G., Abry, T., & DeCoster, J. (2014). Efficacy of the Responsive Classroom Approach: Results from a 3-year longitudinal randomized controlled trial. American Educational Research Journal, 20(10), 1-37.

Here is a link to a 3 year longitudinal study published on the efficacy of the Responsive Classroom Approach.

"Findings show that using the RC approach did not diminish achievement, and if the RC practices were used as intended, students showed achievement gains. Further, use of RC practices was linked to enhanced achievement in children who were initially low in math achievement, a point in need of replication given that the findings do not permit causal inference" (pp. 31-32).

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