Teaching Goals for Mid-Tenure

Teaching Goals:

Each year I establish professional goals for the following year. Below are goals that I have set for myself during my time here at USF:

  • Improve student ratings from courses by:

    • Making adjustments to the syllabi to provide more clarity
    • Adjust assignments to set high but reasonable expectations
    • Differentiate to meet individual needs
  • Develop reflective practitioners at both the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Deepen my understanding of culturally responsive teaching
  • Build relationships locally within the college, department, and community to foster collaborative co-teaching opportunities

In addition to my professional goals, I also worked towards USF’s strategic goals:

Goal 1 calls for high quality undergraduate, graduate, and professional education. I care deeply about our elementary programs and specifically those individuals and activities that are connected to the Urban Teacher Residency Partnership Program (UTRPP). I contributed to the award applications for two national awards for our programs that our program received. Those awards include the 2014 Association of Teacher Educators Distinguished Program Award and the 2014 National Association for Professional Development Schools Exemplary Professional Development School Achievement Award. These awards are evidence of the national recognition of our high quality programs and the work that my colleagues and I engage in on a daily basis.

Goal 2 calls for high-impact research and innovation to change lives and foster positive societal change. From my research, I believe that supervision in PDSs has the potential to be a vehicle for simultaneous renewal, or positive societal change, in education. My collaboration with a local principal to differentiate professional development in his school to create the Teacher Leader Academy (described in more detail later) is an example of my research in supervision and school-university partnerships, my teaching of Masters level coursework, and my professional community service that is having a positive impact on local schools. This example illustrates my desire to work towards this strategic goal of promoting community-engaged scholarship to benefit others.

Goal 3 calls for creating new partnerships specifically with K-12 schools. Multiple aspects of my teaching, research, and service evidence my commitment to PDS or school-university partnerships. The UTRPP provides me with a laboratory to actualize USF’s and my professional goals. My scholarly activities and research interests are aimed at sustaining these school-university partnerships.