Campbell & Fulton Science Notebooks, Discussions with Two Scientists

Campbell, B., & Fulton, L. (2003). Science notebooks: Writing about inquiry. Portsmouth, NH: Heineman.

Chapter 4: Discussions with Two Scientists

•    How Scientists Use Their Notebooks
    o    Please describe your job.
    o    What type of notebook do you use in your work?
    o    What type of information do you record in your notebook and how do you organize it?
    o    How did you use the information in your notebooks?

•    Recommendations for the Classroom
    o    Why should children use science notebooks?
    o    What are the elements that you feel are essential for student notebooks?
    o    What advice do you have about recording data and organizing it?
        •    “Hopefully, students will be able to take a look at the data they generate with a known situation and apply that same experiment to an unknown situation and draw a conclusion from it (p. 62).”
    o    What other thoughts would you like to share?
    o    Great question for interns – how will you make science notebooks authentic for students?