EDE 6076 Teacher Leadership for Student Learning

EDE 6076: Teacher Leadership for Student Learning (Spring 2015)

This course prepares classroom teachers to become facilitators of change as they explore the various teacher leadership roles in the K-12 contexts, including exemplary practitioner, curriculum decision-maker, researcher, advocate, and facilitator or job-embedded professional development. Guided by equity and advocacy lenses, we will critically analyze current scholarship regarding teacher leaders and their role in facilitating teacher learning and the school renewal process. This is the final course in the Mort Teacher Leader Academy. I have attached the syllabus. Because this course was part of the Teacher Leader Academy, the activities and assignments were tailored to meet the needs of the school and its teaching staff. This course was conceptualized with EDE 6366: Professional Development for Student Learning as a yearlong course. It was taught onsite and was aligned with the school's academic calendar, which means that I started prior to the start of both fall and spring semesters and ended after the end of fall and spring semesters.