Grossman & Loeb Notes Learning from Multiple Routes

Grossman, P., & Loeb, S. (2010, May). Learning from multiple routes. Educational leadership 67(8), pp. 22-27.

·      Those providing alternate routes are universities, private organizations, or districts. Often these organizations are engaged in partnerships to support preparation.

·      Residency programs are like PDS in duration except that they are Masters degree programs.

·      Universities typically prepare using traditional programs, but they also typically offer the coursework for alternative programs.

·      Traditional programs require all components to be completed first in order to be certified. Alternative programs complete the coursework while usually having something similar to an emergency certification so that they can act as the sole teacher.

·      Research is inconclusive as to which program is better. No differences have been found in student achievement and teacher retention.

·      More effective programs had control of the practicum portion.