McDonald, Mohr, Dichter, & McDonald Power of Protocols Preface

McDonald, J.P., Mohr, N., Dichter, A., & McDonald, E.C. (2003). The power of protocols: An
educator’s guide to better practice. New York: NY, Teachers College Press.

    The book begins with a rationale for using protocols and engaging in facilitative leadership. The last three chapters (Ch. 3-5) list and describe a variety of protocols for the reader’s use.

    •    The purpose of protocols is to provide structure to the conversation in order for all to act as equal participants. Participation includes engagement in observing, listening, and speaking. It helps the conversation move beyond talk to purposeful dialogue.
    •    “Whenever talk has important consequences, we deserve a chance to think through what we want to say, and an environment where what we choose to say can be heard and respective (p. xv).” (CHANGE THEORY)