Mezirow Preface to Learning as Transformation

Mezirow, J. (2000). Preface. In J. Mezirow (Ed.), Learning as Transformation (pp. xi - xviii). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

  • "Transformations were often found to follow a learning cycle initiated by a disorienting dilemma and resulting in a reintegration into society on the basis of conditions dictated by the new perspective...Findings suggested that one does not return to an old perspective once a transformation has occurred, but there is seldom consistent forward movement. A learner can get stalled - temporarily or permanently - at any phase; typically, difficult negotiation and compromise, backsliding, and self-deception occur (p. xii)."
  • Early Influences

    • "It (transformation theory) describes the process by which we acquire a greater degree of insight and agency as adult learners by highlighting the understandings, skills, and dispositions involved and the conditions under which transformative learning is facilitated or precipitated (p. xiv)."

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