Richards & Miller Doing Academic Writing: Invention

Richards, J. C. & Miller, S. K. (2005). Doing academic writing in education: Connecting the personal and the professional. New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Chapter 3: Invention
•    Invention is prewriting, it's anything a writer does before beginning a draft.
•    Prewriting involves figuring out what to say, what you know as the writer, and what you need to know in order to write. Some people like to answer those questions as they write (discovery drafters).
•    "All writers are different, and all writers write differently (p. 65)."
•    The Writing Process
•    Using a Variety of Approaches to Write an Academic Piece
    o    Writing is not as linear or as simple as the writing process indicates.
•    Benefiting From Inventions Strategies
•    Writing with Different Invention Styles
    o    These authors suggest that writer's block does exist, which contradicts Paul Silvia's beliefs, and delays are a natural part of writing.
•    Equating Invention with Inquiry
•    Choosing Invention Strategies Based on Your Purpose for Writing
•    Considering a Variety of Invention Strategies
    o    Sketch Journals and Drawings
    o    Concept Maps and Webs
    o    Free Writing
    o    Brainstorming: Debbie Dimmett
•    What I Know About Ceremonial Languages Used In Afro-Cuban Religions
•    Article Proposal: Heather Brown
    o    Talking With Others
        •    Talking with others can be beneficial, but be careful not to over talk your ideas because you can lose your initial motivation.
    o    Thinking Aloud/Speaking Into a Tape Recorder
    o    Using Index Cards
    o    Electronic Sticky Notes
    o    Making Lists as Visual Displays
    o    Making an Outline
    o    Using Technology
•    Online Prewriting Sources
•    Combining Invention Strategies
•    Practical Applications: Trying Some Invention Strategies
•    Summary