Richards & Miller Doing Academic Writing: Revision

Richards, J. C. & Miller, S. K. (2005). Doing academic writing in education: Connecting the personal and the professional. New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 

Chapter 5: Revision: The Heart of Writing
•    Thinking Like Visual Arts
•    Confusing Revision and Editing
    o    Revision and editing are different. Editing deals with fixing the mechanics of the piece. Revision looks at the larger ideas, flow, voice, and organization of the piece.
•    Attempting Big-Time Revision
•    Why Authors Revise
    o    "Authors revise because they want to improve their work and write the best they can (p. 130)."
•    Revision: The Beginning of the Writing Process
•    Some Writers Resist Revision
•    Reflecting on Revision
•    Revising: A Purpose-Driven Activity
•    Categorizing Your Revisions
•    Revising With the Support of Others
•    Revising with an Audience in Mind
•    A Good Reader of Your Own Writing
    o    When you revise, be a critic and ask the hard questions.
•    Reviewing Our Students' Draft Excerpts and Revisions
•    Thinking Strategically about Revision
•    Practical Applications: Engaging in Your Own Revision Activities
•    Summary