Santoyo Giving and Getting Feedback in Real Time

Babrick-Santoyo, P. (2013). Giving and getting feedback in real time. Phi Delta Kappan, 95(4), 72-73.


The author offers advice on giving feedback. He does not cite research to support these principles; he simply shares his opinion.


Principles for Giving Real Time Feedback:

  1. Be noninvasive.

    1. Level 1: Communicate nonverbally
    2. Level 2: When you must talk to the teacher, do it during independent practice and keep it short
    3. Level 3: When yo umust speak during the class, raise your hand
  2. If you can't fix it now, save it for later.

    1.  When the feedback is unrelated to the teacher's primary professional development goals, don't address it. That may distract him/her from her current goals.
    2. When the feedback is too unweidy for the teacher to tackle on the fly, let it go.
    3. When the feedback would derail the lesson you're observing, don't give it.