Sirotnik & Goodlad Introduction to School-University Partnerships

Sirotnik, K. A., & Goodlad, J. I. (1988). Introduction. In K. A. Sirotnik & J. I. Goodlad (Eds.), School-University partnerships in action: Concepts, cases, and concerns (pp. vii - xii). New York: Teachers College Press.


  • The definition of partnership varies. No common definition exists. "Any one of these terms - 'partnership,' for example - has been used to denote linking endeavors ranging from mostly symbolic, 'on paper' arrangements, to relationships based upon patronage and small monetary grants, to one-sided, noblesse oblige, service agreements, to information-sharing systems, to mutually collaborative arrangements between equal partners working together to meet self-interests while solving common problems (p. viii)." The authors believe that the definition of partnership should be the last in the aforementioned list, but they believe that a partnership of such existence is ideal and rarely, if ever, exists.
  • "Readers of these five chapters will find an interesting and varied array of partnership experiences that attest to the importance of not trying to package and disseminate detailed models of how partnerships function best. Nonetheless, readers will recognize common themes running through all five analyses that suggest there are similar rewards to be gained and lessons to be learned across these various struggles with school-university relationships (p. x)."
  • "Our commitment, therefore, is to preserving schools, colleges, and departments of education as viable entities in institutions of higher education, but only to the extent that substantial attention is accorded to thought and action in collaboration with school-based educators (p. xii)."