Stake Case Study Research Questions

Stake, R. (1995). The art of case study research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Chapter 2: Research Questions

  • Conceptual Structure

    • Issues can be used as conceptual structure. They "...force attention to complexity and contextuality (p. 16)." Issue questions can be primary research questions.
  • Stating Issues

    • "Issue statements will sometimes appear as cause and effect relationships (p. 18)."
  • Evolution of Issue Questions

    • "In a qualitative research project, issues emerge, grow, and die. In quantitative research, as an issue becomes more refined or important, a parallel or subsequent study is started; the present one keeps its issues intact (p. 21)."
    • "Each issue can appear to have a life of its own, drawing increasing attention as it becomes more complex and more intriguing (p. 24)."
  • Topical Information Questions
  • Questions Calling for Coded Data

    • We make the choice about " much to rely on coded data and how much to rely on interpretation directly from observation (p. 29)."
    • "Good research questions are especially important for case studies because case and context are infinitely complex and the phenomena are fluid and elusive (p. 33)."