Stake The Art of Case Study Reflection

Stake, R. (1995). The art of case study research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Chapter 9: Reflection

  • "Issues are problems about which people disagree, complicated problems within situations and contexts (p. 133)."
  • "In fact, highly atypical cases can sometimes contribute to our understanding of other cases (p. 134)."
  • "Researchers do not step outside their ordinary lives when they observe and interpret and write up the workings of a case (p. 135)."
  • "The quality and utility of the research is not based on its reproducibility but on whether or not the meanings generated, by the researcher or the reader, are valued (p. 135)."
  • "The exercise (research) is partly commiseration, partly celebration, but always intellectualization, a conveying, a creating of meaning (p. 136)."