Wilhelms Forward to Cogan's Clinical Supervision

Cogan, M. (1973). Clinical supervision. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin.

by Fred T. Wilhelms

  • "First, the author emphasizes that there is no use talking about instructional innovations unless the teachers are given enough expert help to make the innovations stick; the trail of education is strewn with half-tried improvements, discarded before they had a change. Second, the book clearly states that the kind of precise help the situation demands will not be delivered by scatter-shot supervision amounting to little more than sporadic 'visits' followed by some global comments. 'Teachers are better left alone,' says the author, 'than merely tampered with (p. ix).'"
  • "He (the author) knows that it will be expensive, that it will call for a sizable corps of supervisors backed up by collateral specialists of wide variety; he simply insists that it is cheaper than poor teaching and failure to change (p. ix)."