Wolcott Writing Up Qualitative Research: Keeping Going

Wolcott, H.F. (1990). Writing up qualitative research. London: Sage.

Chapter 3: Keeping Going

  • "...writing is also a splendid test of one's tolerance for deferred gratification (p. 37)."
  • Stay With It

    • Writers write every day. It is part of their lives.
  • The "Expanding Drop File" Approach

    • People must make themselves write. No one can do it for them.
    • Create an expanded drop file with each folder delegated as a chapter in the table of contents. Place evidence, outlines, drafts, etc. throughout the study in appropriate folder.
    • "Anticipate (and expect) delay and have other tasks in mind to which you can turn, perhaps including the preparation of the first draft of your next article, proposal, or project (p. 40)."
  • When It's Time for Details, Get Them Right the First Time

    • Write your citations in the appropriate format for your field the first time. You will save time later. Cite correctly in your drafts to save time.
  • Getting Feedback

    • "The compound word 'feedback' contains two elements. The first implies nurturance; most authors crave it. The second indicates direction: backward (p. 43)."
    • Seek it at the right time - not too soon.
    • Enlist critical friends and give them direction about the type and nature of the feedback that you are craving.
  • Some Specific Suggestions to Keep You Going