Are you a technology addict?

In Turkle's chapter, it is suggested that we are entering a culture of simulation. It is possible that we prefer to enter these simulation worlds because they enhance our realities. One quote in the text that really struck me was a boy who commented on his world in MUD by saying, "This is more real than my real life (p.10)." How can that be? Thoughts?

Later on in the text, the author mentions a teenager whose mother goes on a drug. The question revolves around whether we are controlling our emotions or whether our emotions are controlling us? When one is on a drug, to whom is one listening? Just as we have caffeine addicts who must have their daily cup (or should I say cups) of coffee, there must be some who have similar needs with technology...They feel the necessity to enter their simulation worlds or else they are lost in reality ( that possible???). They become addicts to the drug, whatever the drug may be. I am proposing whether technology could be a drug of choice. If so, to whom is one listening, dealing, talking, etc. when one is logged onto interactive technology? The question is...Are you a technology addict?