Catching the Twitter Wave

After last week's discussion and Wenger's piece on COPs (community of practice), I'm hooked still on Twitter and not necessarily in the way that you are thinking. I've been on Twitter a couple of times. I know that most of the enthusiasts would argue that insignificant time is, by no means, adequate to pass judgment, but I'm still feeling like I'm missing out. I finally have followers (thanks to all of you who have chosen to follow me), but I don't have the urge to post what I'm doing all of the time. Do people out there really care? Is this the glue that binds the Twitter COP together?

For that matter, is Twitter a community or a constellation, as Wenger puts it? I tried to compare my limited knowledge of Twitter to Wenger's qualifications of a COP on p.125 at the bottom, but I still feel that it's lacking. What are your thoughts regarding Twitterers? Are they a COP?