Defining Disruptive Technology

My first reaction was to decipher the word by breaking it into two words - disruptive and technology. To me, disruptive means interrupting. Initially my thoughts revolved around how all of these new technologies are interrupting our lives. After doing some exploration online, my eyes have been opened slightly. offers an explanation, but I gained a clearer understanding from When I first started exploring the Pligg posts, I also was able to uncover some discussions about the definition. Now, however, I'm having trouble finding the location of my previous search. Consequently, I turned to to form a new understanding of the definition. If I am understanding it correctly, disruptive technology is a technology that could eventually replace an existing technology. Initially the disruptive technology could be raw, a little rough around the edges, and appeal only to a small audience. The practicality of the disruptive technology is initially unknown but could develop and become more attractive and ultimately marketable to a larger audience over time.