New HASTAC Scholar Introduction

Greetings HASTAC Community and Beyond!

I am thoroughly excited and honored to be nominated as a HASTAC scholar for this year. Currently I am a doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Supervision at Penn State University under the mentorship of Dr. Scott McDonald. My primary interests are in teacher education, more specifically in supervision, professional development schools, and professional development. Considering the impact of technology on teaching and learning has become a more recent passion of mine thanks to two key individuals.

My interests in technology began three years ago when I took a course called CI 597C: Disruptive Technologies. This course truly "disrupted" my thinking about teaching and learning and transformed my pedagogical beliefs and practices. To this day, I have two individuals - Cole Camplese and Scott McDonald - to thank for rocking my world! Now I find myself asking questions and challenging traditional pedagogical practices not only in my teaching but when I co-teach with colleagues. Before them, I was blissfully ignorant of what I was not doing; now I am in a constant state of upheaval, and to be honest, life is better and professionally more healthy.

My hope is joining the HASTAC community is to continue to further my professional growth with regard to teaching and learning. By learning from others and sharing ideas, I hope to continue to reflect upon my practice. I am looking forward to many fruitful conversations that continue to "rock my world."

For more information on my experiences and graduate preparation, please feel free to visit my professional blog portfolio.