Oh, No...My Electric is OUT...what now???

I don't think we realize how much we depend on technology until the power goes out. Yesterday I was without power for 6 1/2 hours. I was told by an automated message from the electric company when I reported my outage that it was caused by faulty lines.

Soon I realized that I had no refrigerator, no freezer, no TV, no DVD, no IPod, no computer, no internet, no stove, no microwave, no toaster oven, no radio, no light, no heat, no phone...

As the sun set, I thought, "I need to be prepared here." After lighting almost every candle I owned and putting a log in the fire, I at least had some light. I had an hour of time left on my computer, which had to be prioritized and divided between the many hours of work due today for all of my classes. After all, with no electricity I couldn't recharge my computer. For a moment, I kind of freaked out...I couldn't make food; There's no noise (like the TV, radio, Ipod, etc.) in the background; I don't have sufficient light; and I'm cold...I grabbed my textbook and a highlighter, sat down under a blanket by the fireplace, and read my other "traditional" assignments by firelight.

Romantic? Maybe to some people, but every time I experience a power outage, it reminds me of how dependent I am on technology. It is quite troublesome, really, because it makes me feel helpless. Does our dependence on so much technology make us vulnerable?