EDE 4940 Final Internship

EDE 4940: Final Internship (Spring 2014)

This course is the residents’ fifth and final field experience. During this semester, the field experience accounts for 12 credits of their course. My role was similar as it has been in the other field experiences with the exception of an increased attention to, focus on, and support of inquiry. The residents all presented at the annual USF Inquiry Conference, and six of them presented at the PDS National Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. I supported the residents’ preparation for the dissemination of their work both at USF and at the PDS National Conference by helping them find financial resources, preparing conference proposals and presentation materials, and supporting them while on site at the conferences. Each resident also completed an inquiry write-up, in essence a paper that described their inquiry. Prior to submission, residents engaged in peer editing. I have attached a template that we had them use to learn to give quality peer feedback.

I have attached the course syllabus. Like my other field experiences, this course is collboratively co-taught with Partnership Resource Teachers, other USF faculty, and content coaches, an innovation we are trying and studying in UTRPP. This means that the course work, assignments, and syllabus is an organic document, constantly negotiated to meet the needs of our school partners as well as university faculty.

To illustrate, we melded our goal of self-directed learning with each school's individual initiatives. The course requirements asked students to engage in a book study. (See attachments for a copy of the template we gave them. This exists as an instructional material artifact for my teaching). If the individual school was conducting a book study, the residents were encouraged to use that text and work with residents within their school. If not, they were able to choose a different text. All texts from the individual schools were included as texts in the course, which shows the collaboration between HCPS and USF in UTRPP.