EDE 4944 Level III Field Experience

EDE 4944: Level 3 Field Experience (Fall 2013, Fall 2014)

This course is the residents’ fourth field experience. Their third field experience occurs in the summer and that course was taught solely by the Partnership Resource Teachers (PRTs) as I was teaching a graduate course. EDE 4944 occurs in the fall semester of the residents’ senior year. Like the first and second field experiences, EDE 4944 and EDE 4940 are also conceptualized as a yearlong experience. The syllabus is designed to support inquiry as a signature pedagogy to empower residents to problematize and systematically study their own practice. My role was similar as it has been in the other field experiences. I co-taught this course with the three PRTs, lead a weekly seminar, provided mentoring and peer coaching on a weekly basis to the PRTs, and managed logistical details of the cohort for which I was primarily responsible.

I have attached course syllabi.