EDE 4942 Level II Field Experience

EDE 4942: Level 2 Field Experience (Spring 2013, Spring 2014)

This course is the residents’ second field experience and it occurs in the spring of their first year in the program. Even though the year is split by semesters, we conceptualize the program as two yearlong experiences. The experiences, tasks, and assignments are designed to scaffold the residents’ growth and development as emerging professionals. The residents continue their development of inquiry. In this course, we ask them to start generating questions of their choice and develop a research brief. I have also attached an example of an inquiry brief as a student work artifact.

Residents experience coaching from their Partnership Resource Teachers (PRTs)/university supervisor and they have two evaluative experiences – a midterm goal setting conference and a final evaluation conference. We also work towards developing them as self-directed learners. To do that, we offer them the opportunity to self-assess their progress on various assignments and in their field experience. I have included an example of a self-assessment as an instructional material artifact.

My responsibilities were similar to my work with EDE 4941 in that I co-taught this course with the three PRTs, lead a weekly seminar, provided mentoring and peer coaching on a weekly basis to the PRTs, and managed logistical details of the cohort for which I was primarily responsible. Dr. Dennis assumed responsibilities for the incoming cohort class of 2016 in Spring 2014.

I have attached course syllabi to this entry.