Teacher Research for Student Learning

RED 6748: Teacher Research Methods (Spring 2014, Summer 2014)

This course familiarizes practicing teachers with the application of classroom teacher research methodologies to strengthen teaching and learning in the elementary school. Course content is directed toward developing understanding of the need for teacher research and stance toward becoming a teacher researcher. Students develop quantitative, qualitative, case study, and portfolio-based research methodologies used by teachers that allows educators to make teacher research “a part of” rather than “apart from” the work that they do in their classrooms.  This course cultivates the data literacy skills the educators need for professional accountability for student learning. This course was taught in Spring 2014 to the Mort Teachers and then online to Masters students in Summer 2014.

The summer course was my first online teaching experience. In order to teach online, I earned my “Teaching Online Certificate” through the College’s teaching online course. I was able to apply some of the methodologies I learned in the course in the online version of the course that I taught Summer 2014.