We Can Blog

Friday was a momentous day. Although we had some technical glitches, we were able to get individuals onto our blog, try a test post, and subscribe to our blog using RSS feeds. I have to say that I was so proud of my colleagues for many reasons. First, they were willing to go out on a limb to try a new technology as a means of documenting our work with the iPad as a supervisory tool. Second, despite the glitches, I still felt a positive energy. I know that we need to have a review session, but at least we are up and running, which is a definite first step.

I can say that I am frustrated by the one technological glitch that Jim and Bill encountered. I cannot figure out why they receive the school district's block every time they try to navigate any page and that their bypass does not last more than one page. The rest of us were able to continue and not experience this frustration, but not Bill and Jim. I am thinking that we can contact someone at the district to help uncover this dilemma. My worry is that it will keep them from posting.

Jim captured a part of PDA Learning this week as we were trying to get up and running. He used his iPad to film part of it and then put the video into Pages, which he emailed to me. However, I cannot figure out how to attach it here to this blog because it is a Pages doc. I am also frustrated because it seems like in order to attach a video, we cannot use Wordpress's space without paying. Maybe we will have to find a different platform. I can go back to PSU... I wonder if PSU has an app for the iPad and/or will give us trouble having individuals who are not PSU faculty, staff, or students access the blogs. Time to problem solve once again. I picked Wordpress specifically because it had an app, but now I am rethinking my choice. In the meantime until I find some resolution, I hope that others will still continue on this journey of technological exploration. All of these glitches are just par for the course and another adventure of learning.

Rebecca West Burns