Measure of Our Success Reflection

Edelman, M. W. (1992). The measure of our success: A letter to my children and yours. New York: HarperPerennial.


This book is a heartfelt, easy, and inspirational read. The book is divided into five sections. In the first section, Edelman describes her family’s legacy and her heritage. She offers insight into her upbringing and a rationale for her views and perspectives. By the second section, Edelman has captivated the reader and has found a supporter and advocate in her as she describes the importance of passing on the legacy of service to our next generation. In Part 3, Edelman writes a passionate letter to her sons that can easily be applied to any child from any parent. In the fourth section, Edelman gives us 25 lessons of life that she hopes we will apply to our lives, and in the fifth section she shares the importance of this mission not only for ourselves but, more importantly, for the civil existence of mankind.

Some quotations that I enjoyed:

·      From a parent to a child:

o   “I seek your forgiveness for all the times I talked when I should have listened; got angry when I should have been patient; acted when I should have waited; learned when I should have delighted; scolded when I should have encouraged; criticized when I should have complimented; said no when I should have said yes and said yes when I should have said no. I did not know a whole lot about parenting or how to ask for help. I often tried to ohard and wanted and demanded so much, and mistakenly sometimes tried to mold you into my image of what I waned you to be rather than discovering and nourishing you as you emerged and grew (pp. 27-28).”

·      Regarding her second lesson of goal setting and working humbly, systematically, and tirelessly towards them:

o   “You can achieve much in life if you don’t mind doing the work and giving others the credit (p. 39).”