Ball AERA 2010 Presentation

Coming to Consensus in Teacher Education: What We Really Know That We Know

Arnetha F. Ball, Stanford

Sunday, May 2, 2010 2:15 - 3:45


·      Teaching and teacher education is in a state of crisis and under attack.

·      Teachers as change agents within schools

·      Model of Generative Change - of teacher change: (These three lines run parallel. For example, Reflection is used as an awakening and creates metacognitive awareness; Introspection is used as agency to create an ideological becoming, etc.)

o   Awakening ==> agency ==> advocacy ==> efficacy

o   Metacognitive awareness, ideological becoming, internalization, generativity

o   Reflection ==> introspection ==> critique ==> voice

·      Generativity, innovation and hope for a better tomorrow