AERA 2010 PDS SIG Paper Presentation Notes

Gregory, A. (2010). Inquiry-oriented school improvement: Enhancing learning through new roles, relationships, and praxis in a professional development school. Presented at the annual conference of the American Education Research Association.


PDS created a professional learning culture.

Teacher learning occurred when both interns and teachers were learning together.

"Inquiry and coaching generated theory to practice connections."

Co-teaching impacted classroom instructional practices.

Co-teaching classrooms where interns were included and worked with two mentors supported and changed the interns' learning.

Co-teaching classrooms had the greatest impact on students w/disabilities in reading and math.



Nolan, J., & Parks, K. (2010). Mentor as teacher educators: Unpacking the thinking and practices of veteran mentors in

·      Mentors conceptualize the relationship differently. Mentors expect to learn from the interns through insights about students, classrooms, and teaching.

·      Differentiation is a signature of pedagogy in a PDS model since PDS allows freedom to individualize.

·      Discrepant events created the greatest learning opportunities but also required tremendous support.

·      Mentors developed powerful practices that differ from supervision.



Tirell-Corbin, C. & Cooper, D. H. (2010) Transforming the culture...

Walker, D. A., Downey, P., & Smaldino, S. E. (2010). A cost-benefit analysis from a professional development school partnership. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Education Research Association.

Discussion: Jane Neopolitan

The Workings of PDS "Essences" and Characteristics of Clinically Rich Teacher Preparation that Support School Improvement

·      Looking for a focus on those characteristics that show PDS as transformational

·      PDS as a change agent

·      "Clinically Rich Teacher Preparation" MY THOUGHTS - clinically rich teacher educator preparation

·      Blue Ribbon Panel - Building the knowledge base and skills that it takes to become a teacher MY THOUGHTS - building the knowledge base and skills that it takes to become a teacher educator