Functions of School Supervision

Anderson, R. H., & Snyder, K. J. (1998). Functions of school supervision. In G. R. Firth & E. F. Pajak (Eds.), Handbook of research on school supervision (pp. 341-373). New York: Macmillan.

Functions of Supervision:

  • Supervisor as inspector to enforce rules
  • Improve instruction
  • Manage support systems
  • Curriculum development
  • Advisory & Consultancy functions
  • Cutting-edge resource
  • Culture builder
  • Staff development
  • Organizational maintenance
  • Organizational development

"Supervisors began to shift from an authoritarian to a facilitation function in school development for the enhancement of professional performance (p. 370)."

A transition in the roles of the supervisor has created a shift in the functions. The supervisor is no longer seen as a boss but rather now as a visionary leader. This shift requires the inclusion of new functions (I wonder if it is new or if it is merely a change in the functions). The new functions the authors propose are:

  • visionary leadership
  • strategic planning
  • systems thinking
  • information generating
  • cultural norms of continual improvement
  • human resource development