Hanks Foreward in Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Participation

Hanks, W. F. (1998). Foreward. In Situated learning: Legitimate peripheral participation. New York: Cambridge University Press.


·      "Learning is a process that takes place in a participation framework, not in an individual mind. This means, among other things, that it is mediated by the differences of perspective among the coparticipants (p. 15)."

·      Learning is not about acquiring knowledge but rather it is, "...in the increased access of learners to participating roles in expert performances (p. 17)."

·      "It is not merely that the structural issue is transposed from the level of mental representations to that of participation frames. Rather, this transposition is compounded by a more subtle and potentially radical shift from invariant structures to ones that are less rigid and more deeply adaptive (p. 17)."

  • "Under such a view, LPP is not a structure, no matter how subtly defined, but rather a way of acting in the world which takes place under widely varying condition. This last remark raises a final, still broader suggestion that is implicit in this book, namely, that learning is a way of being in the social world, not a way of coming to know about it. Learners, like observers more generally, are engaged both in the contexts of their learning and in the broader social world within which these contexts are produced. Without this engagement, there is no learning, and where the proper engagement is sustained, learning will occur (p. 24)."