Thoughts on Stake's Data Analysis and Interpretation of Case Study

I feel like Stake just gave me a golden ticket; he gave me the freedom as a researcher to make decisions about my research. In this chapter, I feel like he recognized the professionalism of researchers in their knowledge and skill set to make appropriate decisions that would preserve the validity of their data while they search for meaning without enabling them to become lost in the data trenches. His words reminded me to be selective about my data and data sources while still being thorough. What I think he is suggesting is truly what he calls the "art of case study research." He is asking us to find that balance - to walk that fine line of being productive producers while still maintaining the essence of the case and the validity of rigorous research. He is not asking us to take short cuts, but rather we must make choices about our research as we search to make sense of our case. As an emerging scholar, I hope to have guidance through this balancing process from my mentors, hoping that they will make sure that I do not lean one way too far to the left or right of the balance beam and tumble to the mat.