A Report on Florida Teacher Preparation Programs

Milton, S., Curva, F., Milton, A. L., & Wilke, R. (2013). Teachers from Florida teacher preparation programs: A report on state approved teacher preparation programs with results of surveys of 2010-2011 program completers. Florida State: Florida Center for Interactive Media.


This report surveyed teachers on the effectiveness of their teacher preparation programs and principals on the effectiveness of their teachers. The survey data was disaggregated to show a correlation between the teachers and their preparation programs. 991 teachers and 558 principals completed the survey. The teacher preparation programs were grouped into three categories: Initial Teacher Preparation programs, District Alternative Certification Programs, and Educator Preparation Institutes.

The report showed that older persons tended to enter through alternative certification programs. Those prepared in alternative certification programs tended to be assigned to areas where the teacher shortage was greatest.

Teachers perceived their preparation to be satisfactory and they felt most prepared in the areas of ethics and diversity. Those teachers prepared in Educator Preparation Institutes felt slightly less prepared than teachers prepared in the other two programs.

Principals were also satisfied with the performance of their teachers. They rated teachers as more effective when they were in schools with few minority students or an equal balance of minority students and white students.

In F schools, principals rated their teachers lower in the FEAPs and in reading instruction than in A-D schools. They also rated teachers lower in assessment, critical thinking, role of the teacher, technology, and reading instruction.


This report recommends future studies and a re-examination of the curriculum in preparation to focus more on assessment, technology, and reading instruction.