Professional Practice Schools Introduction Levine Notes

Levine, M. (1992). Introduction. In M. Levine (Ed.), Professional practice schools: Linking teacher education and school reform (pp. 1-7). New York: Teachers College Press.


  • "Professional practice schools create these links. They are restructured public schools with responsibility for teacher education (p. 2)."
  • "The term professional practice school refers both to the nature of practice in the school and to the function of the site as a place where novices practice their skills and use what they have learned in preparing to become teachers. The term was chosen to emphasize the relationship between school reform and teacher education (p. 2)."

Teaching and Learning in Restructured Schools

  • "Where traditional schools are structured to support a rather passive kind of learning in which knowledge is transferred from teacher to student, learning in restructured schools is defined as an active process in which the learner constructs meaning out of experience (p. 2)."
  • "Restructuring without attention to teacher education and induction is probably doomed to a narrow and parochial existence (p. 3)."

Exploring the Dimensions and Issues in Professional Practice Schools

·      Abraham Flexner was the founding father of the teaching hospital concept.