Hill Notes Forward for Supervision in Transition Yearbook

Hill, C. (1992). Foreword. In C. Glickman (Ed.), Supervision in transition: 1992 yearbook of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (pp. v-vi). ASCD.

(MY THOUGHTS - The struggles of supervision and teachers' perceptions of supervision are closely tied to notions of school leadership. For as long as there are hierarchical relationships, there will always be tensions between supervisors and teachers.)


·      "Teachers view the administrator as the 'snoopervisor' rather than as an advocate and colleague (p. v)."

·      1990s - Movement away from top down to shared notions of supervision through peers

·      1990s - Supervision Revolution - Teachers as supervisors through peer coaching and mentoring

·      "Supervisors - at whatever level - must involve those with whom they work and those affected by the system (p. vi)."