Sivan & Chan Peer Observation and Supervision with Preservice Teachers

Sivan, A., & Chan, D. W. K. (2009). The roles of supervised teaching practice and peer observation in teacher education in Hong Kong: Implications for partnership. Teacher Development: An International Journal of Teachers’ Professional Development, 13(3), pp. 251-266.


Summary: This study examined preservice teachers’ perceptions of observations by their university supervisor and by their peers. The study was conducted in Hong Kong and used mixed methods using semi structured interviews and a closed-ended questionnaire. PSTs shared positive and negative feelings about the experience. PSTs appreciated the immediate and constructive feedback, the ability to problem solve about their practice, confirmation about their own teaching, feeling cared for, and the opportunity to plan lessons. Negative feelings included pressure leading up to the observations and the amount of observations. Four felt like too many over the course of two years.

Key Words: technology, observation, feedback, supervision as evaluation, supervision in teacher education, preservice teachers, student teaching, field experiences, supervisor, PDS, partnerships, supervision in PDS

Conceptual Framework: None listed