Tang & Chow 2006 Commuicating Feedback in Post Observation Conferences

Tang, S. Y. F., & Chow, A. W. K. (2006). Communicating feedback in teaching practice supervision in a learning-oriented field experience assessment framework. Teaching and Teacher Education, 23, 1066-1085.

Summary: This international study examined 21 pairs of supervisors and teachers in Hong Kong on their post observation conferences to ascertain the nature of feedback. The study found that a preponderance of feedback was evidence-based judgment when focused on teaching and learning. They suggest that supervisors make evidence-based claims and that supervisors should: (1) clarify meanings of terms, (2) elaborate on pedagogical concepts, (3) provide reasons, (4) provide evidence, (5) offer alternative explanations and examples, and (6) identify future goals in the post observation conference. The study also advocates for professional learning communities for supervisors so that they can engage in professional dialogue to strengthen their practices.